Top 5 Techno Download

People across all ages can appreciate techno music because of its beats and rhythm. What better way to have a little perk-me-up than listening to some all-time favourite tunes available for techno download at some of the leading sites today. If you are looking for techno download and want to have top 5 list to get you started, here are some songs you might be familiar with or would love to listen to:

# 5 – “Creatures of the Night” is a good techno download released by Mannheim Steamroller in 2006. Although more popular for their New Age and Christmas releases, this one song is mostly written to be played in dance clubs. You can find this song in the artist’s second album released in Halloween. The video for this music shows people doing the line dance.

# 4 – “Technologic” is a song released in 2005 by the artist Daft Punk. This is a popular techno download probably because of its synthetic background mix as well as the voice of a rhythmic chipmunk that uses computer terms which makes it fun to listen to.

# 3 – “Maybe” by the artist Freda was released in 2003. Not a lot of people may know this artist but the good thing about relatively unknown techno download is that you discover great music in the most unexpected places or artist for this matter. Freda’s songs are filled with great energy and the lyrics are good and fun to sing. If you’ve never heard of her, now is your chance to familiarize yourself with her music and search for her techno download.

# 2 – “Castles in the Sky” is a song of Ian Van Dahl. The music was released in 2001 and was a little controversial during that time. There is great drama in the recording of this song, but despite all of that, it is a very good techno download.

# 1 – “Sandstorm” was recorded by Darude and released in 2001. The combination of rhythmic motifs as well as the choice of synthetics makes it a great song. This is truly a techno download worth listening to.