Techno Rap Music

Some 8 or 9 years ago, a new genre of music emerged. Techno rap came to existence after rap music reached the European dance scene. This techno rap music is basically a mixture of hip hop and disco pop music which is now very popular among people frequenting the dance clubs.

As a result, more and more rap as well as techno artists are joining together to form music that will incorporate both rap and techno beats. Perhaps you may have heard some of the techno rap music and still not know that you are listening to an actual techno rap song. So in order to be familiarized with this music genre, here are some of the popular techno rap songs released over the past years.

“Stronger” is a song by the popular hip hop artist, Kanye West. The song of Daft Punk, “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” is sampled in this music. Another song that is really popular these days is Wiz Khalifa’s “Say Yeah”. This is the artist’ first single and is considered to be the perfect techno rap song to get your groove on. The song of Alice Deejay, “Better Off Alone” that was released in 1999 is sampled through this song.

Busta Rhymes fans need to listen to his song “Touch It” which is yet another song that features a sample from the popular techno artist Daft Punk. You can definitely hear the influence of “Technologic” through this techno rap music. A song by DJ Khaled that features Lil Wayne as well as a host of popular rap artists called “Holla at Me” is another good song to listen to if you are in the mood for some techno rap music. It samples “Looking for the Perfect Beat” by the artists Soulsonic Force and Afrika Bambaataa.

Techno rap music is available for download online if you want to get a taste of this exciting combination of techno and hip hop music.